A guide to International trade and finance


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In the past, the global trade financing market was seen as liquid and very well-functioning. In addition to examining the market’s structure and its recent history, this book also looks at the relationship between shifts in trade finance as well as global commerce. When it comes to trade finance, the performance and effect of trade finance throughout the episodes of the global market financing pressures and considers how continuing structural changes might influence the market’s future resiliency in particular. The losses on trade finance portfolios are historically quite low. Since policies that address banking system capital and also liquidity vulnerabilities are proven to typically offer an effective strategy for preventing or reducing disruptions to the trade finance flows, present regulatory initiatives are working in this direction. Global trade and its effects on regional development and equity are the primary focus of this book. International trade may assist minimize structural variability in terms of productivity disparities across various company strata if exporters account for a significant fraction of total firms. So, this book will help you get a master’s in trade and finance structure, working, and strategies.

Dr. Sumona Bhattacharya






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