A Text Book Of Botany And Plant Ecology


An appropriate textbooks and references book for learners, scholars, and professionals, Plant Ecology offers a comprehensive as well as up-to-date study of all elements of the science. Although Plant Ecology is written largely for biology PhD students, it is also a great resource for botany PhD students, geoscience PhD students, including landscape ecology PhD students. Anyone interested in or involved with farming, forestry, land use, or management of landscapes will gain a great deal of knowledge by reading this book. This book mainly covers topic like Botany and Plant Ecology basic concepts, Microbes, Soil, Soil Profile, Role of Climate in Soil Development, Water, Population, Ecology and Communities, Ecotone and edge effect, Ecological Succession, Ecosystems and Functional Aspects of Ecosystem, Ecological pyramids, Principles and models of energy flow, Ecological Efficiencies, Biogeochemical Cycles and more.
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Dr. Bagal Jalindarnath Gajendra, Rajkumar Bapurao Deshmukh, Dr. A. Maajitha Begam, Ushakar Mishra

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