A Text Book of Total Quality Management



This book offers a comprehensive examination of the concepts, principles, and practises of Total Quality Management (TQM), ranging from basic fundamentals to advanced tools and techniques that facilitate practical application. The concept that “Total Organisation Involvement” in conjunction with the combined business strategy and TQM comprehension and implementation furnished organisations with a solid foundation for an unprecedented ascent to global leadership in all aspects of their operations and world-class performance. Thus, the efficacy of TQM is highly contingent upon an organization’s robust infrastructure and base. It is a model founded on TQM that contributes to the development of a management system of international calibre, ensuring high efficiency and leadership worldwide.

The intended audience for this book comprises management undergraduates and graduates, in addition to students pursuing degrees in the majority of engineering disciplines. The TQM concepts and practices may also be utilized by industries as a beneficial guide for implementing a world-class management system. To sum up, the book offers a┬ácomprehensive treatment of TQM-related topics and unifies the many TQM-related processes, tools, and strategies into a coherent management framework for the benefit of corporate expansion and improvement. This is undeniably the book’s distinctive characteristic.

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Dr. Yenda Srinivasa Rao

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