A Text Book On Human Values And Ethics



The significance of acting ethically in business is being recognised by an increasing number of organisations nowadays. Therefore, policies and practices that compromise professional ethics, which fundamentally involve conducting business fairly and transparently guided by solid moral principles, will not be able to maintain the customer’s trust for an extended period. A book regarding professional ethics is quite important in this situation.The book commences with a methodically structured introduction to Human Values and proceeds to expound upon the diverse methodologies employed in investigating ethical conduct, ethical theories, value-based ethics, the accountability of engineers with regard to safety and risk, collaboration, and loyalty. Each subject is handled with remarkable proficiency and intelligence.The presentation of the “Human Values and Professional Ethics” that was developed for students of undergraduate courses is a significant source of satisfaction for everyone. The topic is presented in a straightforward and comprehensible manner, supplemented with sufficient factual evidence.This book is deemed valuable for professionals and students alike in terms of imparting knowledge. The book establishes the foundational structure that defines value education, a guide to harmony within oneself and others, harmony within the familial and societal spheres, harmony with nature, social ethics, as well as professional ethics. The objective is to furnish the students with a comprehensive comprehension of the professional ethics and human rights that are inherent to Indian citizens.

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Dr. Sufia Naseem

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