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In the field of technology, which is undergoing fast advancement, “A Textbook of Computer Networking” is a reference that is both authoritative and thorough. It has been methodically crafted to meet the educational requirements of professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike. The purpose of this textbook is not limited to only investigating the theoretical underpinnings; rather, it delves deeply into the practical issues that govern the complex world of computer networks. The book starts out with a comprehensive introduction to fundamental ideas, which gives readers a strong knowledge of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) architecture, data link protocols, and the fundamental principles that form the basis of network communication.
Through the course of the narrative, the book deftly transitions into an examination of fundamental networking protocols and standards. It delves into the intricacies of TCP/IP, Ethernet, and other critical protocols that are indispensable for facilitating the interchange of information across a wide range of network architectures. This book is distinguished in part by its comprehensive approach to network design and administration. Through the phases of planning, implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, readers acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively navigate the complete lifecycle of a network. Practical insights and hands-on exercises serve to connect theoretical concepts with real-world implementation, thereby fostering a dynamic and captivating educational environment.

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Ambrish Kumar Sharma, Dr. Apoorva Joshi, Mrs. Surabhi Sawant ,G. Deepa

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