A Textbook of Green Chemistry



The significance of eco-friendly and sustainable chemical processes has grown during the last few decades. A subfield of sustainable chemistry, “green chemistry” aims to reduce the production and consumption of potentially harmful chemicals in product and process design. To solve the problems caused by conventional chemical methods, this multidisciplinary discipline integrates concepts from engineering, environmental science, and chemistry.Students, as well as professors of Environmental Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, and Environmental Studies at the graduate, postgraduate, polytechnic, and engineering levels, can all benefit from the basic understanding of the concepts of the environment and its chemistry that is provided by this book. Additionally, this book is helpful for students as well as lecturers who are studying general science.
This textbook delves into the concepts, techniques, and applications of Green Chemistry in an approachable and thorough manner. It covers a wide variety of topics including the evaluation of environmental effects, novel green synthesis methods, and the basic ideas of sustainability.The book investigates the subject of biological resources or the connections that exist between those resources and the physical and chemical characteristics of the environment.The regional as well as worldwide environmental concerns, such as pollution as well as the kinds of pollution, the sources of pollution, and the impacts of pollution on the ecosystem, global warming have received the attention and focus.

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Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. A. Rajendran, A. Parvathi Priya, Dr. A. Vijayalakshmi

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