A Textbook Of Novel Drug Delivery Systems


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• Burning smell during first few usage is normal due to varnish coating on motor and will stop after few usage cycles.The way a medicine is administered may have a substantial impact on its effectiveness. Some drugs have an optimum concentration range within which they provide the greatest benefit, and concentrations above or below this range can be toxic or provide no therapeutic benefit at all. On the other hand, the extremely sluggish improvement in the effectiveness of severe illness therapy has revealed an increasing need for a multimodal approach to therapeutic delivery to targets in tissues. This book is intended to expose students to the fundamentals of Innovative and New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) which are more efficient and effective in their application, when compared to their predecessor methods. The translation of a standard therapeutic molecule into a new delivery method may greatly enhance patient compliance, safety, and effectiveness. A New Drug Delivery System may breathe fresh life into an established medicinal molecule. A correctly designed Innovative Drug Delivery System may be an important step forward in resolving challenges associated with medication release at specified places and rates. The book is written in an approach that presents a variety of new drug delivery system options. In which the different types of the drug delivery systems are elaborated. Whether it is about the basic idea and design of the control drug delivery system or transdermal drug delivery method all of them are discussed in detail with the illustration wherever required.
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Mr. Ashish Anand, Mr. Mohammad Muztaba, Mr. Brijesh Kumar Saroj, Ms. Shaheen Ansari

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