A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis


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In general, one always tends to be analyzed the quality of any product before buying, this book also takes the same approach about the pharmaceutical products and chemicals. Not in great details but briefly one can understand the process, methods and analytical approach involves in the subject of the pharmaceutical analysis. book clearly mentions the different reaction of the different chemical compounds in multiple situations creating a systematic result, which clarifies the whole quality and effectiveness of a drug. Pharmaceutical industry is one the most active and advance in researching and developing new analytical methods around the products. Pharmaceuticals components are important, and they need to be analyzed qualitatively and quantitively too. That analysis requires standard methods to be followed, pharmaceuticals are one widest selling drug in the world when it comes to the healthcare industry. The analytical methods available in the present time can ensure nature of the chemical in medicinal drugs, to further understand and explain these processes and methods briefly one can read and analyze this book on pharmaceutical analysis. The arrangement and order of the book is such that a novice can also read and understand the basic content. Whether a person is beginner or a student or a keen learner they will gain lots of information about the topic such as- scope of analysis, different methods of analysis like titrimetric technique or chromatographic technique, this book also explain the role and process of different types of titrations in the pharmaceutical analysis, one can greatly learn about the electrochemistry and its application in pharmaceutical field. As mentioned above it cover whole range of data and methods which will surely help you in your journey.

Mrs. K. Bindhu Rajan, Dr. B. Rajan, Dr. Nihar Ranjan Kar, Mr. Y. Rajendra






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