A Textbook Of Pharmaceutics Technology


Graduates in Pharmaceutical Technology are needed worldwide, from the development of medications through their manufacture and packaging. There are excellent employment options in every area of the pharmaceutical industry, both in India and overseas. A “Pharmaceutical Technology” graduate is required at several stages of drug development, including drug research, validation, delivery systems, scaling up manufacturing process, etc. A graduate of the Pharmaceutical technology program has the ability, depending on their level of expertise, to work in the disciplines of chemical engineering, chemistry, bioprocesses engineering, or education in addition to the pharmaceutical industry. The potential in this sector is quite vast since India is one of leading producers of pharmaceuticals. While it is possible to get work in other countries, it is preferable to look for work in India. A “Pharmaceutical Technology Engineer” may readily find work in research and development labs, where their responsibilities include the design of quality pharmaceuticals, as well as the manufacture and inspection of drugs. The scope is quite vast and is expanding on an annual basis. Every industry is evolving more quickly than ever thanks to emerging technology. The pharmaceutical technology industry has also benefited from this, expanding to new heights. These next trends cover a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, automation, and more. The trends also indicate that new work possibilities are being created in the industry of the pharmaceutical technology. The technology has offered society several boons while lessening the man’s work.
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Dr. Niranjan Panda, Dr. V. Kiran Kumar, Dr. V. Sreenivasulu, Prof. (Dr.) Nilima Shukla

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