Accounting for Management



The field of accounting has been more popular in recent years, both on its own and as a supporting field for other professions and fields of study including engineering, law, and medicine. A growing number of people are realising that money matters when starting a business. Almost every endeavour will have monetary effects that need to be assessed and regulated, and this demands for the participation of someone who is well-versed in the right approaches. But it’s important to keep in mind that accounting’s neutrality means that the numbers generated by it need to be understood and their significance balanced against other factors before any judgments can be taken. The consumers of accounting information must have a firm grasp of the reasoning behind the data as well as an appreciation for its potential and inherent limits. While this book focuses on providing managers and students with actionable advice for resolving real-world management accounting issues, the authors have made every effort to write in a clear and comprehensible manner, using relevant research wherever possible. In addition to covering approaches for spotting qualitative problems, this book makes an effort to zero in on analytical and critical concerns that are relevant to decision-makers across industries and at all levels of government and business. This book offers an introduction to accounting aspects that covers the fundamentals, both in terms of methodology and theory, and provides examples of how these principles are put into practise. It is designed for individuals at both the undergraduate and graduate levels who aren’t already accounting specialists but who want to become one.

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Dr. M. Rajeswari, Dr. R. Magesh

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