Advance Business Communication


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This guidebook to effective business communication is useful for everyone at any stage of their professional journey, from those just starting out to those at the top. This book will help students become the kind of excellent business communicator that every company in the future will need from its personnel. This book will teach students the skills they need to speak and write English fluently in a business setting. Students can learn new words, refine their English grammar and pronunciation, and become more confident in both written and spoken communication in business settings. The ability to bargain with prospective customers and communicate ones ideas to co-workers and higher-ups in the company will both improve as a result of this training. This book covers the topic like Basic Ideas in the Study of Communication, Self-Development and Communication, Audience Analysis, Forms of Communication, Group Communication, Group Dynamics, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Workshop and Symposium, Enquiries, Quotations and Tender Notices and many more. This book can be helpful for the readers who are keen to know the various aspects of communication and for those who are looking forward to work in business or corporate world.

Pradyumansinh Raj, Salinder Ranga, Dr. S. Madhubala, Manisha Banani






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