Advanced Research Methodology


The research process is a never-ending obstacle course for researchers. This is more difficult than ever before because of the rapid and sometimes contradictory ways in which modern cultures are evolving. Everyday life, including formal and informal connections and social trends are blurring international boundaries and growing more decoupled from offline “the truth.” It’s a step-by-step manual for doing research that addresses concerns like: Conceptualizing and defending the subject matter, Data gathering and analysis, having a thesis written and defended successfully, Budgeting and starting work on the project. In addition to theoretical background, it offers useful examples, recommendations, and exercises that might advance a project. Determining research problems, developing research ideas, obtaining funding for research, choosing research designs, seeking for literature and reviewing it, collecting data and analyzing it, preparing a thesis, composing research papers for publications, citing and listing citations, preparing visual materials, presenting at conferences both orally and visually, taking minutes at conferences, and dealing with ethical concerns in research are all covered. There are chapter-and book-related questions included at the conclusion of each one to help pupils get their heads around the material. Any helpful feedback on how to make this book better would be much appreciated.
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Dr. Rajib Mallik, Dr. Martiz Kurian, Dr. Vikas Prajapati,Dr. Manish Pithadia

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