An Introduction To HRM


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Human Resources Management has the potential to be the most important factor in the success and strategic edge of businesses. There is an ever-increasing amount of information that confirms the veracity of that allegation, which is a shocking fact. The unfortunate thing is that past has been dismal, have been mostly unqualified, and organizational leaders have prioritized innovation and technological advancement above the individuals who really make their businesses successful. The bright side is that a steadily increasing number of exceptional businesses and visionary leaders understand that their employees have the secret to boosting customer satisfaction, creativity, output, and revenue. This book provides topics like Human Resource Management Concept, Career and Succession Planning, Methods of Career Planning, Career Life Stages, Job Analysis and Role Description, HR Audit, Advantage of Internal and External Recruitment, Induction and Socialization, Manpower training and development Concept, Training, Evaluation of Training, Management Development, Employee Engagement, Performance Appraisal and Potential Evaluation, Industrial Relation and Trade Unions, Dispute Resolution, Grievance Management, Essentials of Effective collective bargaining, Employee Empowerment, Quality Circles, International Labour Organisation.

Dr. Devendra Kumar, Dr. Ritu Narayan






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