Anatomy, Physiology And Health Education.


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The desire for a longer, happier, and better life is an eternal one for humankind. Still, illnesses and pains are a constant in the fight for survival. The pharmacist, acting on the doctor’s orders, provides the patient with the disease-fighting drug. Anatomy, physiology, and health education focus on teaching learners the fundamentals of the human body, including its structure, size, form, location and function. The field of study known as anatomy focuses on the physical connections and interconnections between various body parts and systems. Human physiology is the field of biomedical sciences concerned with the proper function of numerous organs or the study of how the body’s systems operate and how integrated cooperation preserves the life and health of the person. It explains the processes involved in digesting food, absorbing nutrients, breathing, eliminating waste, reproducing, and so on, throughout the numerous organs and organ systems that make up the human body. Health Education is the profession of educating people about health. The scope of this field of study and practice extends to all aspects of human well-being: ecological, behavioural, interpersonal, cognitive, and spiritual. It may be characterised as the idea that guides ways people and social groups are taught to act in ways that promote, maintain, or restore health.





Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Dr. Safura Dewani, Biswajit Barman, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Meena






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