Basic Communication Skills In English



This book has been created to simplify the process of learning English to improve one’s ability to communicate effectively. A sensitivity to the substance, style, and presentation of the message, as well as respect for the norms of the language (grammar), are required for effective communication. Due to this, individuals need to have a solid understanding of all aspects of using appropriate language to improve their capacity to communicate effectively. A student of the English language can enhance the effectiveness of their expressions by reading this book, which contains lessons on grammar & communication skills abilities. The appropriate chapters of grammar have been produced and presented using examples that are appropriate for the topic.
A systematic explanation of grammatical forms and how they are used in standard British English today is presented in this book. The significance of the meanings and the manner in which they influence the selection of grammatical patterns is emphasized.
This book is not only comprehensive in its content, but it also pays attention to the issues that are important to English language learners who are already at an intermediate or advanced level, as well as to the instructors of such students. Not only would it be good for the more gradual study of grammatical issues, but it would also be ideal for rapid reference to those aspects. To demonstrate how grammar is used in linked writing and speech, the book includes several examples of text and conversations, most of which are real. This is a feature that is both helpful and informative.

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Ainaab Tariq

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