Basic Concepts Of Research Methodology & Statistics



Research is defined in the broadest sense of the term as any collection of data, information, and facts for the purpose of advancing knowledge. Engaging with any type of factual literature constitutes a form of inquiry. Additionally, reading the news or surfing the web constitutes research. Science, on the other hand, prefers to confine its usage of this term to specific, narrowly defined domains. The term’review’ is frequently employed to denote the process of acquiring knowledge, which constitutes a fundamental principle of the inflexible frameworks that define research.
As a result of the prejudices, accrued experiences, and beliefs of the populace, common sense knowledge is frequently inconsistent and contradictory. Scientific observations, on the other hand, are founded on citation-able, verifiable evidence or a systematic body of proof. With this in consideration, the current book was authored with two distinct aims: (i) to provide guidance to researchers of all disciplines in selecting the most suitable methodology for their research endeavors; and (ii) to acquaint readers with the intricacies of employing various research methods and techniques. With any luck, the modest endeavor manifested in this book will contribute to the successful completion of both exploratory and outcome-driven research endeavors.

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Dr. Seema Amit Agarwal, Prof. (Dr.) Manju Gupta, Dr. Naveen Kumar Singh Chauhan, Dr. Ravikumar S

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