Basics Of Distributed And Cloud Computing



In a time characterized by digital revolution and interconnected systems, it is imperative for both professionals and enthusiasts to possess a fundamental comprehension of distributed and cloud computing. The book “Basics of Distributed and Cloud Computing” functions as an all-encompassing manual for these ever-evolving domains, providing readers with a succinct and unambiguous examination of fundamental protocols, structures, and technologies. The book commences by establishing the foundational principles of distributed computing through an introductory section that clarifies key concepts including parallelism, concurrency, and the architectural models of distributed systems. Insights regarding the opportunities and challenges posed by distributed environments, as well as techniques for developing scalable and fault-tolerant systems, will be imparted to the audience.
Subsequently, the book explores the comprehensive realm of cloud computing, elucidating the complexities inherent in cloud architectures, deployment models, and service paradigms. Readers will gain an understanding of how cloud technologies, encompassing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), are fundamentally transforming the manner in which organizations allocate, administer, and utilize computing resources. Practical illustrations, case studies, and real-life situations are interspersed throughout the book to furnish readers with concrete comprehension of the implementation of distributed and cloud computing principles. Practical advice is provided to readers on how to efficiently implement their newly acquired knowledge, including devising distributed algorithms, deploying applications on cloud platforms, and optimizing resource utilization.

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Dr. K. Vimala Devi, Dr. N. Narayanan Prasanth

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