Basics of Ergonomics


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This book covers the principles of ergonomics in the workplace and guides you, step by step, through more complex workplace assessments. It is a comprehensive resource for occupational ergonomics and covers all of its essential building blocks. The Book is the result of a collective effort to enhance the health, safety, and morale of workers. It does this by combining engineering concepts with practical applications. It is loaded with ergonomic assessment tools and procedures as well as well-produced case studies to widen the reader’s knowledge of lowering their exposure to physical risk factors and raising their levels of productivity. An in-depth exploration of the human performance function, covering topics such as the academic fields of ergonomics and human factors, as well as the design and integration of human systems. An investigation of the principles of human factors, such as sensation and perception, decision-making and the regulation of actions, the processing of information, and the mental load that one must carry. Discussions on the design of different kinds of equipment, occupations, tasks,and settings, such as the design of workspaces, the analysis and design of tasks, and the development of training systems.





Prof. Shishir Kala






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