Basics of Plants physiology and Metabolism


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This book serves as a primer for those new to the study of plant physiology. In it, you’ll find the fundamentals of understanding every process that takes place in a plant. The chapters in this book are separated into five sections. As an introductory chapter, we will discuss the physical and chemical characteristics of water, as well as the plant’s ability to make use of its water potential via processes like transpiration, osmosis, diffusion, and absorption. Additionally, nitrogen and its relevance in plant nutrition are covered in chapter 2. The procedure of intake is also elaborated about. In the third chapter, titled “Photosynthesis,” the process is described. The basics of photosynthesis, including the role of pigments in the process, as well as photophosphorylation, are discussed. In addition, the intricate workings of photosynthesis, the central activity in plants, are laid forth. The assimilation of carbon is discussed in depth in the next chapter. After this section, we go on to discuss the process of plant metabolism and the mechanisms involved. Furthermore, the several respiration types, the TCA cycle, and lipid metabolism are presented. Plant development is discussed in Chapter 5, along with related topics such as the stages of growth and the role of phytohormones (plant hormones). The material presented in this book is comprehensive and will aid students and researchers in their pursuit of knowledge.





Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma






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