Beginners Yoga and Its Benefits


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The practice of yoga has always been significant. The value of meditative stillness and awareness has grown in contemporary society. This book delves deep into the concept of yoga and displays the Ashtanga Yoga postures and practices that, if followed, may help the reader gain control of their mind and body and, ultimately, bring them to enlightenment. Yoga is a set of techniques for controlling (yoking) and stilling the mind to experience the state of being an objective observer of one’s own experience, free from the influence of thoughts and emotions and hence free from the pain and anguish of the world. Many people know yoga for its therapeutic or workout benefits. The benefits to one’s body and mind are welcome byproducts of yoga practice, but the spiritual transformation that one seeks is the ultimate aim.” Ultimately, the goal of yoga is to bring inner peace. It’s the science and practice of harmonizing one’s geometry with the cosmos for optimal awareness and harmony.”



Dr. Ghanshyam Vatsa, Dr. Alok Tiwari






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