Biochemistry: The Fundamental Of Life


The tremendous developments in biochemistry, especially in structural biology and Biochemistry, by offering learners biochemical grounding based on chemistry to equip them for the scientific issues of the future. By sticking to its tried-and-true methods of providing in-depth, objective reporting that’s also easily understandable and directly applicable to the health and wellbeing of actual human beings. This book, biochemistry: The fundamental of life covers both the theoretical and practical elements of biochemistry. This book mainly covers all the topics including life, biological order, systems biology, living cell, cell and its structure, cell components and their function, molecular structure of water, carbohydrates, amino acids, peptide and protein, denaturation of proteins, biuret reaction, sequenator, purification of protein, lipid, bile acid, biomedical importance and many more. This book was written with the thought to provide the biochemistry students and readers all the theoretical and practical knowledge as much as possible. Its intended readers include high school and university students, professors and teachers, researchers and policy experts, business executives and other administrators, and policymakers.
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Dr. PRP Verma, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh, Dr. Mahendra Pratap Swain, Dr. Nigam Jyoti Maiti

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