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A company’s business environment consists of every aspect that has an effect on it. Factors both within and outside of an organization might have an impact on its performance, so don’t discount their interconnectedness. The study of the financial, ! I corporate, markets and ecological issues that businesses confront is known as “business economics,” i a branch of applied economics. Topics covered by business economists include resource allocation, i product design, marketing, and sales, as well as consumer behavior. This books all the important topics in the field. This book comprises Environment, ! Indian Economy, Economic Consideration, Types of Economies, Role of Government Economic, ! Economic Growth, Foreign Investments, Business Cycle, Inflation, Investment Motives, Multinational 1 in India, Business & Social Responsibility, MRTP, FERA, Financial Institutions, Cost, Basic Cost I Curves, Break Even Analysis, Break Even Point, Price Output Decisions, Classification of Markets, Competition and Monopoly, Profit Planning & ! Management etc.

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Dr. Lata Koparde, Keerti G Kaller, Dr. Kalpana K Deshmukh, Prof. Amrita Tatia Karnawat

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