Community Health Nursing: Structure And Practices


It’s common to hear the phrases “community health nursing” as well as “public health nursing” utilized similarly to refer to the subfield of nursing that focuses on the wellbeing of a whole community and people. The textbook treats both as variations of “public/community health nursing.” The phrase “public health nursing,” originally coined to describe the work done by nurses in government health departments, has subsequently gained popularity and is now often used to describe the work done by nurses in private practice. While “community health nursing” is still often used, “population health nursing” is increasingly being used within the names of steps and doctoral programs as well as is being proposed by scholars as the replacement word for “public health nursing.” This text serves as a continuation of undergraduate education in the field of community health nursing containing all necessary material for the development of experts in this field. The goal of professional community health nurses aims to maintain and enhance community health through the use of an integration of nursing including public health expertise, which includes material from biological statistics, the field of epidemiology and various other public health disciplines. Therefore, this book includes substantial portions of the essential topics for professional community health nursing practice, including but not limited to, community or population-based care, illness and injury preventative measures, promoting wellness, and comprehensive treatment for sustaining and enhancing community wellness. This textbook is useful for advanced nursing students in master’s and doctoral programs who are studying for certification as registered nurses as well as medical nursing specialists along with a focus on community and population’s assessment, program development, and evaluating programs.
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Prof. Mrs. Aayushi Bansal, Shikha Gupta, Devendra Kumar Sharma, Gunjan Rawal

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