Company Law


The establishment, operation, and dissolution of a company are governed by Company Law, which is a body of legal principles. The Companies Act of 2013 focuses on improving corporate governance by focusing on “Board of Directors”. Senior Management of Company, their roles, risk and accountability, Rights as well as equitable treatment of the stakeholders, prompt disclosures, accountability, legal and regulatory compliances, and appropriate risk management accountability measures to safeguard and advance the interests of all stakeholders. This book examines the development of company law, whether it is Indian or worldwide, as well as the sources of finance, shareholders, shareholding, responsibility and accountability of the company with regard to transparency and disclosures, secretarial, and strategic work involved. With time, Company Secretaries have evolved from their original position as Company Secretary of Company to become professionals with key competencies in Compliances & Corporate Governance. Whether in practise or employment company law is the primary area of focus for company. secretary professionals. The Companies Act’s different provisions, schedules, regulations, notifications, circulars, secretarial practise, and case laws are all covered in this section, which also conveys professional knowledge
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Dr. Kokila Saxena, Prof. Medha Sinha, Dr. Mohammad Rauf, Dr. Prakash Chandra Swain

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