Computers In Management


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Only organisations that are willing to embrace innovation can hope to maintain their competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, ever-developing environment, where consumers’ needs and preferences are always altering, and where the only way to meet customers’ expectations is to exceed them. In recent years, a company’s success has hinged on the quality of its information technology infrastructure and its ability to effectively utilise that infrastructure. This book Computers in Management will provide you a better understanding of the many programs and hardware options accessible to managers today. This book serves as a primer on computer hardware and software. It covers the fundamentals of database administration, gives an introduction of data transmission, the Internet, and electronic commerce, and helps students get familiar with software applications used for office automation. Using examples from commercial data processing systems, this book guides you through the ins and outs of computer use in corporate settings. If you’re a management student interested in learning the basics of computer science and the software and hardware systems used by a wide variety of businesses for office automation and communication, this book is for you.

Richard Lincoln Paulraj, Mr. Annaiah H., Amarjeet Poonia, Dr. Selvia AM Amalanathan






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