Construction Materials and Techniques


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The topics covered in this book include: cement hydration; cement types; concrete making materials; concrete workability; concrete hardened properties; concrete durability; mix design; chemical and mineral admixtures; special concretes; high performance concrete; self-compacting concrete; non-destructive testing; waste materials in concrete. This text is intended for undergraduates and has been rewritten to be more accessible and brief. Also covered are more current and complex themes, for which students often consult literature written in a foreign language. Certain of the book’s best features include its up-to-date coverage of a variety of relevant themes, such as self-compacting concrete, high-performance concrete, the science of concrete, and some advanced and specific procedures in concrete technology. Undergraduate and graduate level students, material scientists, concrete technologists, professional engineers, and all users of concrete will find this book invaluable as a text and guide book.

Dr. M. Karthikeyan, Dr. M. Siva, Prof. P.P. Prasoon, Prof. P.M.B. Raj Kiran Nanduri






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