Consumer Behaviour

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We are all confronted with a myriad of Consumer Behaviour issues every day. Whether you are deciding about which laptop to buy for yourself, which television show to watch, listening to FM, or surfing the Internet, you are interfacing with topics of relevance to the study of Consumer Behaviour. This book is divided into five chapters. The first chapter provides the whole introductory details about the consumer, its meaning, significance and differentiation. Chapter 2 is totally dedicated to the consumer trait such as: consumer motivation, consumer personality, consumer attitude and consumer expectations, etc. The third chapter in details talks about the process of consumer buying decision and the main factors influencing it such as: psychological, social, personal, personal, economic and cultural factors and other related topics. After that, Chapter 4 further describes the process of buying decision. Chapter 5 is a discussion on organizational buying behaviour of consumer or organization encompassing the topics of types of buyer which explains the different types of buyer and the characteristics of the organizational buying behavior. The factor influencing the organizational buyers and the process of the whole organizational buying decision. All in this entire book is a one stop solution for the topic related or important for the consumer behavior.
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Prof. (Dr.) Suman Vij, Mrs. S.Subhashree, Dr. Byram Anand, Kanchan Thakur

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1 review for Consumer Behaviour

  1. Mouli rajput

    This book is a comprehensive introduction to the study of consumer behavior. It covers
    a wide range of topics, including motivation, perception, learning, memory, attitude
    formation, and decision making. It also discusses the role of culture, social class, and
    personality in consumer behavior.
    The book is well-written and easy to understand. The authors do a good job of
    explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise way. They use real-world examples
    to illustrate their points, and they provide a wealth of research to support their claims.
    The book is also well-organized and easy to follow.

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