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Creating and sharing high-quality media content is at the heart of content marketing, which aims to increase traffic, leads, conversions, and repeat business. Content marketing, in contrast to traditional forms of advertising, focuses on fostering favourable brand associations by regularly publishing informative and entertaining material that is of genuine value to the target audience. Websites, podcasts, social media, blogs, applications, print publications, press releases, and a variety of other mediums all contribute to modern content marketing. With the help of content marketing, your company may become recognized as an authority in your field. Your credibility as a subject matter expert will rise in direct proportion to the amount of useful information you provide to your audience. When people like what you’ve written, they’re more likely to forward it along to others online, which ultimately increases site traffic. To a larger extent, your content’s value will determine how many people visit your site. In the long run, this might help you attract more potential buyers who may become paying customers. Relationship development is just as important as sales when using content marketing. Customers will develop confidence and loyalty in you as a business partner if you consistently provide high-quality material that contributes to their success. This, in turn, will increase your sales.
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Smriti Khanna, Dr. Elgin Alexander, Dr. Maninder Singh Gill, Dr. Veer P. Gangwar

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