Cosmetic Science



Moisturizers, lotions, creams, as well as perfumes are all examples of cosmetics, which are the most often used items for topical skin care. There are both major cosmetics conglomerates and tiny, independent manufacturers of these products. This book discusses the most up-to-date research on how to create safe and effective skin care products. Formulation basics, skin science, more complex formulations, and the creation of cosmetic products are all covered, along with illustrative and explanatory mechanisms that are ultimately useful in the real world. The handy reference on plant-based cosmetic active chemicals will help educate researchers, cosmetic sciences specialists, and dermatology professionals on the fundamentals and practical applications of this field. This is a handy book on a subject that’s garnering a lot of attention right now, serving as both a succinct guide from leading scholars and a contemporary guide to putting theory into practice. iv This book mainly covers topics like Classification of cosmetics, Cosmetics excipients, Formulation and Building blocks of skin care products, hair care products, Role of herbs in cosmetics, Principles of cosmetics evaluation etc.

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Dr. Sachin Balkrishna Somwanshi, Dr. Sachin Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Vishal Garg, Dr. Garvendra Singh Rathore

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