Data analysis using R


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This book will provide you the technical know-how to work with R; book will serve as a brief introduction to a new category of data types or a new idea. Aimed towards a non-mathematical audience, this book uses the open-source statistical software R to present basic statistical concepts and current statistical analysis. Data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleaning, and modelling data with the intention of identifying information that may be used to improve the efficiency of decision-making and operations. It encompasses a wide variety of methods and instruments and plays a significant role in a variety of corporate, scientific, and social science domains. The programming language R has a wide variety of functions and packages that may be used to implement various strategies in order to get the desired result. Scripts are command libraries used by certain software or scripting engines to carry out predefined tasks. They are often text files containing programming language instructions. They are implemented in computers to help with automation. Scripts may be used to manage several aspects of a computer and save time on routine chores. Data Analysis with R walks students through the fundamentals of R including statistical reasoning before diving into sophisticated predictive analytics and demonstrating how to apply those approaches to real-world data via the use of examples taken from the real world. To obtain, clean, analyse, display, and present data, R has developed into a tool that is essential for today’s academics, data analysts, statisticians, and marketers.

Dr. Naveen Nandal, Ms. Nisha Nandal, Dr. Aarushi Kataria






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