Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques


Concepts and Methods for Data Mining offer the framework for understanding and using the methods for analyzing data or information for usage in a range of contexts. Data mining is defined, along with the methods and software used to extract insights from large datasets. The term “knowledge discovery from data” (KDD) is used to describe the content of this book. It examines the practicality, utility, efficiency, and scalability of methods for handling massive data volumes. This new version begins with a description of data mining and then moves on to techniques for discovering, preprocessing, processing, and storing data. Following that, the data warehouses, OLAP, as well as data cube technologies are discussed. Then, the procedures for discovering repeating structures in huge datasets are outlined. This book explains all you need to know about data clustering and classification techniques. The subsequent chapters explore data mining’s patterns, uses, and potential future directions, with a focus on outlier identification. The book is meant for readers interested in data mining, including CS students, software developers, company executives, and academics.
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Dr. Pratibha N. Atram, Dr. G. Naga Rama Devi, Dr. P M Yohan, Dr. Sk Althaf Hussain Basha

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