Database Management System – Concepts And Architectures


Please refer to product catalog to check if product is suitable for tough grinding (turmeric, masala, etc.)
• Please allow the motor to cool for some time between product uses. Most Mixer Grinders come with overload protection which automatically turns off the motor in case of overheating.
• Burning smell during first few usage is normal due to varnish coating on motor and will stop after few usage cycles.The book starts with an introduction that covers the fundamentals, including Database User’s Database Languages, & Administrators, Database Design, as well as Data Storage, and Querying. The conceptual design, the logical design, and the physical design are the three stages that are covered in this book, which follow the conventional approach for the construction of databases. Understanding the process of researching databases and constructing databases may be made easier with the help of this technique, which is logical and organized. The content that is provided in this book has a strong focus on applications, practical problems, and implementation, in addition to providing a full discussion of the most important theoretical principles in a way that is easy to understand. While the supplied algorithms and ideas are not specifically bound to any one database management system, annotations and variants that are tailored to the various database management systems are included. This information is presented in a broader context. The principles are explained using language that is simple to comprehend, and there is an adequate number of examples provided. A comprehensive analysis of recent developments in database systems is presented here. Students are given an overview of many different kinds of database management systems, including PL/SQL, Oracle, and Microsoft Access, during a short introduction to each of these.
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Prof. E. Vijayakumar, Dr. Bharat Batham, Dr. P M Yohan, Dr. SK Althaf Hussain Basha

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