Electronics Components And Testing


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Electrical connections are made through a variety of terminals or leads on electronic components. These leads build an electronic circuit by connecting to other electrical components, most of the time through wire, so that the circuit may perform a certain purpose (for example an amplifier, radio receiver, or oscillator). Electronic components can be packaged either discretely, as arrays or networks of similar components, or integrated inside of packages such as hybrid integrated circuits, semiconductor integrated circuits, or thick film devices. Discrete packaging is the most common form of packaging for electronic components. Components may be categorized as passive, active, or electromechanical depending on their level of involvement. According to the conventional interpretation of the term, passive components are those that are incapable of generating their own source of energy, while an active component, such as a battery, is one that really performs the function of generating energy on its own. The essential electrical components are divided in each chapter in this book so that you may have a better understanding of them. When you start working with electrical systems, you may go back to this basic introduction for assistance. Beginning with capacitors and resistors, then going to utilise integrated circuits, and finally installing batteries and motors would be a clear strategy to follow. This strategy is adaptable to a wide variety of difficult and sophisticated tasks. In order for the readers to have a better understanding of the book, it is essential that they read each and every chapter in great depth. The engineering students would find this book to be extremely helpful in their studies.





Dr. Shirish Bhagwat Patil, Dr. Shailesh Shivram Dongare, Dr. Vimal Sagar, Mrs. Anita Sagar






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