English Language And Literature Teaching



Studying this book may be useful since it provides a wide range of pedagogical perspectives on how to best prepare future English teachers for their careers. If you read this book and familiarize yourself with the many theoretical schools of English teaching, you should be able to identify the pedagogies of teaching and the methods of conducting investigations and fieldworks that best suit your own teaching style and personal preferences, allowing you to understand the language of English teaching in a way that is meaningful to you.
You will also get insight into the pedagogical ap-proaches of your fellow English instructors. This book will help you understand the big picture of the field of teaching English as a second or foreign language, in addition to defining the specific words and subfields involved. From its earliest beginnings in Ancient Greece until the turn of the third century, the narrative of how English has been taught will be told. This book will discuss both the traditional and nontraditional methods of teaching English that have been advocated in recent years. It is hoped that readers will come away from this book with a firm grasp of the most up-to-date theoretical and empirical achievements in the field of English language instruction.

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Santosh Suman

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