Entrepreneurial Finance: Planning And Managing Small Businesses


Entrepreneurial Finance: Planning and Managing Small Businesses is the process of getting money for a new venture or startup and making financial decisions for it. Entrepreneurs spend the most of their time at the Company’s inception raising capital from investors. This entails making contact with potential backers in order to get funding for the establishment of a business and the acquisition of necessary assets. Many different types of investors and financial institutions may help with startup money. As this book interest in small company and entrepreneurial studies has been fast rising, not only among entrepreneurs and business owners but also among the general public, as the wrenching changes in the economy continue to force businesses and major enterprises deep into their struggle to remain competitive. Most likely, it’s a reaction to the expanding downsizing and outsourcing trends that big businesses have been using extensively. There has been a rise in the popularity of self-employment as a business model because it is widely believed to be safer and more lucrative. This is due, in large part, to the track record of success that small businesses and the entrepreneurial projects have established when it comes to starting new ventures, increasing productivity, fuelling innovation, and driving economic growth. Additionally, supporting locally owned businesses is often seen as a dedication to free enterprise, which values things including liberty, independence, uniqueness, perseverance, and originality.
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Dr. Madhavi Ishwar Dhole, Prof. Manoj M Bagesar, Dr. Vaibhav E. Narawade

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