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In the current scenario, Entrepreneurship is the key to the economic development of a country. Entrepreneurial development is essential for industrialization, generating employment and poverty alleviation. Entrepreneurship is a strategy and can be developed through planned efforts. The entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic development of a country. They generate wealth and employment for the country. So for economic development, a nation cannot depend on just government activities. America, Japan and European countries are the developed and fast growing economic countries in the world. The entrepreneurs of these countries have a major part in the development of these countries. If a nation wants to develop and progress, the importance of entrepreneurs cannot be neglected. Most of the literature, magazines, articles and research have focused on the importance of entrepreneurs’ development for the development of the nation. Several textbooks have been written on entrepreneurship development. However, none has focused in deep on the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs. This book has been written specifically to focus on the obstacles that are faced and are facing by the entrepreneurs.



Dr. Shahanaz Ayub, Mr. D. Saravanan, Dr. Shubhendu Shekher Shukla, Dr Raju Agrawal






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