Environmental Degradation, Concerns And Economics


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Environmental Degradation is the disintegration of the earth or deterioration of the environment through the consumption of assets, like, air, water and soil. The destruction of the environment and the eradication of wildlife; air pollution, water pollution, garbage, and pollution of the natural environment are all challenges for India. As World Bank experts, between 1995 through 2010, India made one of the fastest progress in the world, in addressing its environmental issues and improving its environmental quality. Still, India has a long way to go to reach environmental quality similar to those enjoyed in developed economies. Pollution remains a major challenge and opportunity for India. Environmental degradation is one of the primary causes of diseases, health issues and long-term livelihood impacts in India. The term ‘Environment’ is commonly restricted to the ambient environment. In that view, the indoor environment (home, workplace) is regarded as an isolated piece of the environment to be treated on its terms. The indoor environment usually is under the jurisdiction of the Public Health authorities. Health risks are mainly linked to space heating, cooking and lighting: low-grade fuels and insufficient ventilation are often the main problems. Additionally, there may be problems connected with moisture, light, incidence, and hazardous substances from building materials, lacquers and paints. Problems with drinking water, sewage and waste are not linked to the dwelling as such but rather to a lack of appropriate infrastructure. Statistics on the indoor environment may be regarded as a subset of statistics on human settlements and the urban environment.





Dr. Hemadri Prasad Raju, Prof. Mihir Kumar Shome, M. Vijaya Kumar, Biplab Kumar Dey






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