Environmental Pollution And Science


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Given the complexity of assessing and mitigating pollution—which may come from both natural and anthropogenic sources and in the form of, for example, biological, chemical, particle, or even energy a multivariate strategy is needed. From the effects of pollution on human health to the need of establishing environmental fairness and finding long-term remedies, this book covers it all. This book aims to provide its readers with the knowledge they need to comprehend and apply cross-disciplinary strategies to environmental contamination issues of the present and the future. This book covers topics like Pollutants types, Concept of radioactivity, Water Treatment, Hazardous Waste and Radioactive Waste, Meteorology and Air Pollution, and also Pollution control measures and standards. This book can be helpful for experts and students in fields including preservation, ecology, and toxicology, as well as water science, microbiological, hydrological, geoscience, geotechnical engineering, physics and chemistry, and biology. It works for a wide range of environmental science and pollution-related courses.

Payal Arora, Dr. Rashmi Trivedi, Pavan Kumar Thimmaraju, Pooja Maurya






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