Environmental Principles And Ethics


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The study of ethics in connection to environmental issues is known as environmental principles and ethics. Under environmental ethics, people and all other forms of life—including plants and animals—are equal members of society. These things have a crucial role in society and are essential to human existence. To be environmentally sensitive is to have a firm grasp of environmental problems, personal impacts, and the value of conserving natural resources. When applying moral reasoning to issues related to the environment, there is a wide variety of principles from which to choose. The authors of this book discuss the relationships between three fundamental concepts related to environmental science, natural resources, and energy: justice, sustainability, and sufficiency and compassion. Moreover, it highlights how environmental concerns push us to broaden the scope of these values to include the health of the natural world including our responsibilities to it. To effectively control pollution, it is crucial to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of ecosystems and the environmental components that make them up.

Mr. Parlapalli Raju, Dr. Konkala Anand, Anil E. Palve, Dr. Ashok Kumar






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