Environmental Resources, Uses And Management


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A commodity, service, or piece of knowledge derived from the natural world that is beneficial to society is referred to as an environmental resource. This may refer to anything in a person’s surrounds or surroundings that they believe to be beneficial. Environmental resources include things like food that comes from plants and animals, wood that can be used for cooking, heating, and construction, as well as metals, coal, and oil. The capacity of the land, air, and water to absorb waste products produced by civilization is a kind of environmental resource. Other types of environmental resources include clean land, air, and water. Environmental resources include things like the warmth of the sun, the ability to travel and enjoy recreational activities on rivers, lakes, and seas, breathtaking scenery, and the identification of previously unknown species. The management of the interactions and effects that human civilizations have on the environment is known as environmental resource management (ERM). The management of the environment itself is not what this refers to, despite what the term may lead one to believe. Environmental resource management has two primary goals: the first is to guarantee that ecosystem services are safeguarded and maintained for future generations of humans, and the second is to maintain the integrity of ecosystems by taking into account ethical, economic and scientific (ecological) aspects. The goal of environmental resource management is to identify the components that are impacted by the tensions that arise between satisfying requirements and safeguarding resources. After doing an extensive amount of research, all of the material that is presented in this book was included, and the writers made an effort to write the book in a way that is simple to comprehend. Students may also study and prepare for their assessments by using this book as a resource. People who wish to be knowledgeable about all that is essential to know about the managemen

Dr. Deepa, Dr. Potlannagari Roopa Sowjanya, Asha Rani N R, Dr. Anita Singh






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