In this book, a variety of ergonomic ideas are broken down and analyzed for their applicability. The book is written in language that is easy to understand and to the point, which makes the topic attractive to readers who are not acquainted with the technical aspects of ergonomics. The information presented here offers a comprehensive summary of the significance of ergonomics and touches upon the systems-related elements of ergonomics. In addition to this, it encompasses ergonomic concerns like proportions, the decoration of various body regions, and thermoregulation achieved via clothes. The focus of this book is on the use of ergonomics in many fields, which is followed by an examination of ergonomic concerns in the design. Both those working in academics and those working in industry will find this collection to be of interest. Students are given an introduction to the subjects of ergonomics via the use of a book that is both comprehensive and easy to understand. Written from the viewpoint of psychological science with a variety of educational components that will increase student learning and understanding. this book is appropriate for those beginning classes that seek to expose students to the varied fields of human factors and ergonomics combined with practical information that students can use in their own lives. In the context of the design of consumer goods, the term “ergonomics” refers to the scientific study of adapting a working environment to the needs of the user to boost efficiency while simultaneously minimizing pain.
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Dr. S.N. Bansal@Sharad

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