esearch Methodology- Integration Of Principles & Methods


Discussions on research are commonplace in today’s society, both within and outside of universities. Each year, several studies are started and completed. However, the research process, a crucial aspect of every study, is often overlooked. As a consequence, many pieces of study, especially in the social sciences, resort to excessive wordiness and citations. As a result, a lot of studies wind up being pointless. In the context of strategy and growth, it is worth noting that the quality, not the quantity, of research is what really matters. The quality of study can only be improved if individuals involved in the research give careful consideration to developing and consistently using an acceptable technique throughout. Research strategies are often consistent regardless of whether or not the technique changes from issue to problem. With this in mind, this book has two distinct goals: (i) to assist researchers of all stripes in crafting a methodology that is well-suited to their studies; and (ii) to familiarize them with the art of employing a variety of research methods and techniques. The publication of this book is a small but sincere attempt to contribute to accomplishment of exploratory as well as result oriented research studies.
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Dr. Pratima Mishra, Dr. Amar Jagannath Wanjari,Dr. Sharad Gangele,Dr. Anviti Rawat

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