Fluid Mechanics Engineering


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This book was created for a fluid mechanics introduction course. The physical ideas of fluid mechanics and techniques of analysis that start from fundamental principles are highlighted in our approach to the topic. This book’s main goal is to assist readers in creating a methodical approach to issue solving. As a consequence, we always begin with the governing equations, explicitly express our presumptions, and attempt to connect the mathematical findings to the corresponding physical behaviour. We highlight the use of control volumes to maintain a realistic and theoretically broad problem- solving strategy. The book is ideal for individuals like college students, engineers or self-learning enthusiast in the field. The ease of reading and the precise examples helps to build their confidence and also helpful in gaining knowledge on this vast and interesting subject like fluid mechanics. This book also offers a very unique approach in learning and make it more interactive for the readers and learns to relate with relevant topics and illustrations provided in the book. This book is written with the aim to provide and develop the knowledge for students of the subject and also help them to develop their own critical thinking and approach that they would find helpful and pass on to the next generation of students, learners and engineers.

Dr. Santosh Walke, Prof. Manoj B. Mandake, Dr. Ravi W. Tapre, Dr. Makarand Naniwadekar






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