Food Science And Technology


Food nutrients and their roles; the safety of food and distribution: the composition of food, intake, and use; nutritional adequacy; and the nutritional treatment of illnesses and disorders are all covered in this handbook for food science and technology. It is an accumulation of the most recent discoveries and innovations in the art and science of preserving vegetables & vegetable products. To maximize their effectiveness and achieve the highest possible quality in food products, understanding interaction among food components is essential. The capacity to recognize, investigate, and comprehend such connections FS&T, or Food Science & Technology, is a publication that covers current events and research in the food technology and science fields. All aspects of food production, from the selection of raw materials to the final product’s reception by the customer, from the science behind food engineering to the logistics of storing, transporting, selling, and consuming it, are discussed. Vitamins must be available in meals in enough quantities and in a form which the body can absorb if we are to attain and sustain optimum health. The newest data on vitamin analysis, the bioavailability and stability in foods may be found in the fields of food science and technology
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Dr. Atul D Bobdey, Dr. Vishnupriya S, Dr. P. Reddypriya, Dr. Barinderjit Singh

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