Forensic Nursing


It must be emphasised that forensic nurse does not perform the practise of criminal investigator; this responsibility is beyond the purview of nursing. Instead than competing with other medical professionals or taking their position in the legal justice, forensic nurses occupy a unique niche by helping out with a health of specialised forensic responsibilities. A forensic nurse is a rare breed of clinician that has both a biological background and an appreciation for the fundamentals of law & human behaviour, bringing a new and valuable viewpoint to the field of forensic medicine. The forensic nursing specialty’s conceptual framework developed out of the desire to lessen and prevent criminal activity and interpersonal violence. Clinical forensic intervention, the collection as well as protection of forensic evidence, the identity and reporting of abuse, the investigation of mysterious deaths, court-ordered psychiatric evaluations, and the expert testimony of nurses with forensic expertise are all widely acknowledged to be beneficial. Because standard clinical medicine and nursing courses have not included the practise of the clinical forensic medicine or principles of forensic pathology, these forensic services have historically been nonexistent or inadequate.
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Priyanka Malhotra, Dr. Joel Patric Lal

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