Foundation Of Library And Information Science


The most up-to-date introductory work librarianship, the role of libraries in the information infrastructure, the history of information science, and more may be found in Foundations for Library and Information Science. Students and professionals in the library and information sciences may get the foundational knowledge and ideas they need to tackle current and future issues. This book discusses how libraries have served their communities historically and now, especially how they have served several people; services for underserved populations, tribal libraries, and immigration are only a few examples of the pressing social problems of the present day. The proliferation of electronic government and the critical function of political advocacy. Virtual guidance, embedded in the field of librarianship, online access and databases, preservation of digital content, and civic engagement act as examples of how services provided by libraries have developed.
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Dr. Sachin J. Shastri, Mr. Ramdas Tudu, Dr. Vijay A. Dakhole, Dr. Subhash W. Dhote

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