Fundamental Of Business Research Methodology


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The researcher’s inner world is formed by the research methodology, which involves first determining the appropriate research kind, philosophy, strategy, time horizon, and methods, and then, based on that work, selecting the most appropriate procedures and techniques. In addition, the methodology serves as the study’s central nervous system since it defines the study’s limits; to conduct quality research, both the study’s internal and exterior environments must adhere to the proper research methodology procedure. Researchers use something called a “research technique” to describe their approach to gathering information for studies. Management studies, operational planning procedures, and change management are all examples of fields in which data collection may be used for both theoretical and applied purposes. Most of your work is done after you complete analysing your data, but before you start collecting it, you need to consider research methodological considerations such as the validity of research information, ethics, and dependability. After this comes the research plan, which might be purely theoretical or include some elements of experimentation. A researcher has to create a research approach tailored to the topic of study. It’s important to keep in mind that even if two topics seem same study approach, the research technique may be different. The researcher has to be well-versed in not just the research technique, but also the research methodologies appropriate to the study at hand. The credibility and reliability of the results of a study may be attributed to the technique used to conduct the study.

Dr. K.S. Khatheeja Parvin, Dr. Sharad Gangele, S Sandhya, Dr. Shiv Singh






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