Fundamental Of Pharmaceutics


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Pharmaceutical II is the standard reference for everyone working and learning in pharmaceutical medicine. It is the required book for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine offered by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, and it provides a thorough overview of the procedures involved in the discovery, evaluation, and approval of pharmaceuticals. This book offers a broad review of the methods, formulation developments, research, and exploitation of pharmaceutical biomaterials utilised in the manufacture of pharmacological dosage forms, a field that is growing at a rapid clip. This book covers all aspects of pharmaceuticals that an undergraduate student in pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences would need to know, from the active pharmaceutical ingredients to the chemistry involved in making various dosage forms. This book describes the research, testing, and eventual release to the public of a certain pharmaceutical. Readers will find this book easy to understand since even the most intricate pharmacological ideas are explained in layman’s terms. The book’s primary focus is on helping readers learn the fundamentals of Industrial Pharmacy and get an understanding of its future potential so that they may do better on related pharmaceutical science competitive examinations.





Dr. Chennupalli Saibabu, Dr. C. Kannan, Dr. R. Sambathkumar, Dr. N. Venkateswaramurthy






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