Fundamentals Of Analytical Chemistry


Analytical chemistry’s five main subfields are covered in depth, from their underlying principles and principles of application through their respective computations, instruments, and chemical processes. Analytical chemistry topics such as precipitation and combinations are covered in the book. The fundamentals, practical applications, and connections to related fields are emphasized. This book is broken down into chapters that each details a specific analytical chemistry technique. The first six chapters cover the fundamental principles of analytical chemistry and provide a solid foundation for the rest of the book. The book continues with a discussion of the basic concepts and some practical applications of ultraviolet (UV), infrared light nuclear protons, electromagnetic resonance, as well as mass spectroscopy (MS). Environmental contamination from engine emissions, metals such as aluminum and iron metalworking, corrosion, upper-atmosphere ozone-involving reactions, and strategies for reducing air and water pollution have just some of the environmental-chemistry-related topics which are discussed. Both learners and experts in the field of chemistry and environmental science will find this book to be an indispensable resource. This text is written for undergraduate students taking their first analytical chemistry course, with a focus on easier courses that cater to chemistry and life/health science disciplines.
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Dr. Jaidev Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kumar, Dr. Shashi Bala, Prof. (Dr.) Prashant Mundeja

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