Fundamentals of Food Science and Technology


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This book gives an introduction to the multidisciplinary nature of Food Science, showing how the integration of knowledge from several traditional disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology microbiology, and engineering can be applied to solving today’s food problems. This book will give a grasp of the fundamental ideas and practices of Food Science and Technology as they pertain to the production of healthy, safe, and cost-effective food products from raw agricultural goods. The next section provides an overview of the scientific study of foods and food systems, including an examination of how our knowledge of fundamental scientific concepts informs our approaches to food processing, preparation, and storage. Food preservation and processing can extend the availability of food from times of plentiful to times of shortage and from areas of excess supply to areas of deficiencies, and students will be introduced to the way the food industry and agencies deal with potential risks to health associated with dangerous substances and disease- causing organisms that can be found in foods.

Dr. Manoj Tripathi, Dr. Avita Agarwal






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